Daniel DeSurra, L.Ac. M.Ac.O.M.

A tremendous healer

Dear Daniel, with your help, I know I can return to good health and be pain free.  You are a tremendous healer.  I’m so glad to have met you! Thank you for all that you do. I’m forever grateful.

Kristen J.

Thank you

Dan, Thank you for helping Greg! Your knowledge and talent are treasured.

Jessica L.

Shocked at how quickly I got results

I had tennis elbow and suffered pain off and on for a couple of years. For some reason, my left arm started hurting most of the time.  The pain was so bad I could hardly lift anything with that arm or work out at the gym without having intense pain.  My primary care physician prescribed Advil and told me to take it easy.  This didn’t help much.  I went to Daniel and after my first treatment there was significant improvement-about 70% better. After my second treatment, my elbow didn’t hurt at all.  I was shocked at how quickly I got results.  I’d really recommend Daniel.

Mike S.

An exceptional healer

It is wonderful that we have such an exceptional healer in our small community. Daniel has been my “doctor of choice” for five years now. I am seventy years old, and in relatively good health for my age. Daniel gets credit for keeping me tuned up. He has helped me through winters of too many colds, problematic knees, many things that happen as you age. He has helped immensely in building up my immune system and overall health.

He is very considerate and sensitive to my needs, someone I really trust. And to top it all off, he is attentive to things I am not even aware of.

All the practitioners at Well Within are providing an essential service, and they are ALL very good at what they do. During this Pandemic they have kept their doors safely open, taking all the precautions that are necessary. I don’t go to many places these days, but I feel comfortable going to their office.

Thank you, Daniel, and the Well Within staff.

Francine James

Gentle, encouraging spirit

I just wanted to thank you for your gentle, encouraging spirit!  When I came in, I was riding those big waves on this card. Now, the waves are still there, but I’m on the peaceful little island, thanks to your help.

Kathy O.

A miracle

After seven years of treatment for chronic pain with virtually no relief from multiple surgeries, drugs, therapies, etc., I finally turned to acupuncture where I am finally getting results.  It has been a miracle for me.  Daniel came highly recommended to me by my sleep medicine doctor and I could not more highly recommend him to you.

Becky Watters

Genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients

I called Daniel DeSurra after completing almost half of a prescribed chemotherapy regime.  I felt there had to be something I could do to make the bad days after treatment better.  As a busy mother and law student who previously enjoyed a highly active lifestyle, chemo treatment left me feeling railroaded and sidelined.  Though admittedly, I came to Well Within a skeptic, I quickly began to see a difference in my overall well being.

Off the bat, Daniel put me at ease with his warm and compassionate mannerisms.  I felt like he knew exactly what to do to help me cope with the rigors of treatment.  Although, I cannot explain how it works, I can only attest that acupuncture does work.  After two treatments, my blood returned to almost pre-treatment levels.  Although there have been fluctuations, as expected, I am enjoying a fantastic amount of energy in between treatments.  I feel my overall well being has improved, the pain has decreased, and the tears don’t flow so easily anymore.  I can say with honesty, the last half of treatment has been easier than the first.

Daniel is a highly perceptive and compassionate professional who genuinely cares about the well being of his clients.  I look forward to my appointments at Well Within which is not something I can say about any other aspects of my health care.  His office is clean and relaxing, I have never had to wait and I’ve never felt rushed or hurried in his care.

I have recommended Daniel to countless family members, friends and other health care professionals.  I imagine I will continue taking care of myself with acupuncture even after chemotherapy is no longer needed.


Dr. Jen Wilhelm,  D.C.

A skilled and loving doctor

I’ve been going to Dr. Jen Wilhelm for years and she is a very skilled and loving doctor. It is easy to see the benefits of regular chiropractic care in my own general health and wellbeing as well as my baby’s. I recommend her services for family care. She has been particularly helpful with the transition through pregnancy and into new motherhood. Jennifer has pulled me out of some wicked illnesses just before they got bad. She helped me bring my baby through a nasty ear infection without the use of antibiotics. The list goes on… Oh, yes. The front desk staff is great. An added bonus: she sees babies!

A. S.

Got me through my pregnancy

Got me through my Pregnancy! I started going to the chiropractor regularly during my pregnancy to help with lower back pain. She is helping me get my strength back, and stay fully functioning even with all the funny things I do to my body while caring for my son. He loves getting adjusted too! The office is super welcoming of me bring him, which makes it so much easier for me! I always feel so good going in there! I couldn’t be happier!

A. H.

Dr. Jen was friendly and warm

I have been to quite a few chiropractors over the years- ranging from amazing to down right scary. Even after my first appt I knew I had found the right place . Dr. Jen was friendly and warm and could answer all my questions and explain to me what the course of action for my on going low back pain. That was probably six months ago and I can’t even remember the last time my low back hurt.

A. K.

I can walk again

I can walk again! I started seeing Dr Jen almost 6 months ago. I basically came in to her crawling (back spasms, bulged disc) and she not only got me walking again but has shown more commitment to my recovery than I ever expected from a service provider. As someone who has had chronic pain for 8+ years and seen handfuls of practitioners, she was the first one that ever explained the difference to me between symptom management (which is what all my previous chiros had been doing) and retracing my body back though my history of injuries to address/resolve underlying issues. It is obvious that she is dedicated to the complete wellness of me and all of her clients and also that she really knows her stuff. I forgot to mention she also sees pregnant women and babies. I’ve never been so inspired than when i’ve watched her make crying babies stop crying with the most subtle of adjustments.

B. A.

You won’t be disappointed

Are you are looking for holistic care that extends far beyond spinal adjustments? The office is run by vibrant women who support and educate the community’s through gentle alignments and education. For those of you out there thinking about chiropractic care, but are hesitant, or have never tried it before (trust me I know how you feel), this is a great office to experience your first chiropractic adjustment. Just go. You won’t be disappointed!

L. S.

A positive difference in my overall health

I was in a car accident about ten years ago and recently began experiencing pain in my neck and arms. Since beginning treatment, I virtually experience no pain and have noticed a positive difference in my overall health. I’ve been a patient with Dr. Jen for almost three years now and highly recommend her to others. She and her staff are very professional and knowledgeable about chiropractic care. She is helping me “readjust” my life and health.

T. Z.

What a relief

How do I love thee, let me count the ways….. I am a jeweler and so I spend a lot of my time hunched over – I knew I needed help with getting the tension out of my upper back and to strengthen that area of my body. My moods are so balanced now, I am able to handle all of the stress in my life with composure and with a full, bright mind. I’ve learned so much about my body and how to get it and keep it strong in the month I’ve been going. And what a relief it is….. I highly recommend Dr. Jen to those with back pain and those who just want to improve their quality of life.

Megan R.

A finely tuned sense of well-being

I sincerely recommend Dr. Jen as an effective, highly skilled, experienced doctor of chiropractic. Not only have the initial discomforts that brought me in to the office gone away, I’ve noticed a more finely tuned sense of well-being. I barely ever catch colds anymore, and anxiety that I didn’t realize I had is much more manageable. Every issue I have brought to Dr. Jen always seems within her reach. If you’re looking for a chiropractor or want to try someone new, see her soon!

D. K.

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